How to Choose Significant PMO Metrics ?

PMO Metrics

How to Choose Significant PMO Metrics ?

There has been a discussion and various presentations in regards to PMO metrics over the years. Among the hubbub is looking at sample PMO metrics, imposing a new system or approach, and its significance in project management as a whole.

The need for PMO metrics has been a debate among leaders, movers and shakers of the project management industry. Project Management Office is indeed important; governance and transparency have increased and staff members have applied their learned skills taken from numerous training and mentorship. However, it is still considered a hot topic of what PMO metrics are exactly capable of. Sure, they hold such importance but to what extent?


Focus on What Your PMO Metrics Do

There is no such thing as one size fits all PMO metric. At this rate, PMO metrics template don’t exist and it all boils down to what type of project infrastructure an organization has. Each PMO is unique. An IT company might have a complex PMO, but don’t expect it to be the same as an organization that deals with security tools. A boilerplate PMO dashboard might come in handy, but that won’t give you the focus you are looking for in your PMO. But it can be your point of origin that will drive you towards PMO metrics that will suit your exact needs.

What does your PMO actually need? Do you need improvement in reporting or documenting? Project tracking? What are your concentrations? Ruminating on these questions will help you see through the dark and come up with factors that will help you find the right PMO metrics for your project and company. Remember that PMO is distinct in its own way. You might be providing coaching or training to team members so you use particular PMO metrics that are parallel to those aspects, but that won’t work for strategic portfolio management.


Enhance Decision Making

Your PMO metrics should also help executives and line managers make decisions. With that, it should be easy to comprehend, follow, and utilized. Your metrics should also show the key areas that you need keep track of such as budget and strategic planning activities. Don’t forget that it has to show the possible issues that will crop up so you can formulate a viable solution for it. As your PMO matures, you need to assess which measures are now relevant to your decision-makers.


Automate as Much as You Can

Take your PMP metrics to their full advantage by automating data as much as you can. Prepping up your PMO metrics with information can be time-consuming but it’s all worth it in the long run such as saving you precious time in the future.


Engaging the Right People

Think the people who will receive the data and the results. Talk to your stakeholders and ask them what type of metric they want to see and use at this point. Some stakeholders already have a clear idea in their heads on what PMO metrics they want to manifest. To ensure that, you need to engage them in a discussion to show that you are dedicated to implementing efficient PMO metrics that will give a great impact on the project.


PMO Metrics

Every PMO is Unique

Again, don’t compare other PMOs you have encountered in the past. It has various needs for a different kind of organization. It’s crucial to evaluate what your PMO can provide and make sure you are aware of how it is tracked. Not to mention that the following aspects it should support.