PMO Value Ring Methodology

Generating effective value to the organization is, and will always be, the great challenge of any PMO. The way to overcome this challenge is one: « to generate effective and perceptible value for the organization ». That’s the aim of the PMO Value Ring Methodology !


What is The PMO Value Ring Methodology ?

The PMO Value Ring Methodology supports the creation, revision and operation of the PMO, focusing on generating effective value for the organization.


PMO Value Ring Methodology aims to properly setup PMOs with all the right functions, components and processes to deliver the benefits expected by all the stakeholders and generate perceived value for your organization.


This figure shows the PMO Value Ring Methodology framework, consisting of eight steps necessary to establish a truly committed PMO with the generation of value for its clients and its organization :

PMO Value Ring Methodology

PMO Value Ring Methodology Framework

Define PMO Functions

Aligning objectives and benefit expectations

Establishing a model (based on the combined needs of its clients) to define the PMO’s priority functions, considering the expectation of benefits from its stakeholders.


  • Identify and collect stakeholder expectations.
  • Establish different relevance for each group of stakeholders.

Balance The MIX of PMO Functions

Balancing the generation of value over time

The PMO Value Ring Methodology provides guidance on identifying the “PMO balance” to reflect fundamentally on the importance of value generation planning in the time dimension so that its clients can effectively – and constantly – realize the PMO’s contributions and the benefits generated from its work.


  • Select the functions that will be performed by the PMO in the next cycle.
  • Evaluate the adherence of the selected set of functions to the expectations of stakeholders.

Establish PMO Processes

Aligning expectations and increasing productivity

Providing PMO leaders with detailed process suggestions for each potential function, inspired by the experience of highly mature PMO professionals. In this way, the model provided by the PMO Value Ring Methodology can support organizations in the structured and flexible implementation of their PMOs, establishing the bases for an alignment between the expectations of the clients and the capacity of the PMO to generate effective value for the organization.


  • Establish the process for each function selected for the PMO.
  • Define inputs, outputs, and responsibilities for each process.

Define PMO KPIs

Defining metrics to monitor value generation

The PMO Value Ring Methodology has defined the PMO Performance Model to provide recommended and prioritized performance indicators. It supports PMOs in measuring their own performance, a fundamental factor for success, since it allows a constant evaluation on how much the PMO is meeting the expectations of its clients.


  • Select which performance indicators will be used to monitor each PMO function.
  • Establish relevancies, form and frequency of measurement, and goals.

Define PMO Headcount And Competencies

Preparing the team for high performance

The PMO Competency Model provides a method to evaluate how well the PMO team is prepared in terms of competencies to provide services to its clients with a high level of performance.


  • Make a 360º evaluation for all members of your PMO.
  • Identify which professionals are best suited for each function.
  • Identify existing development gaps and their impact on the success of the PMO.
  • Allocate PMO members to their respective functions.
  • Create individualized development plans, and plan the development of your PMO’s competencies.

Identify The PMO’s Maturity And Plan Its Evolution

Planning the evolution and maximizing the value generated

Evaluating the maturity of the PMO and establishing plans for its evolution is an absolute necessity for any PMO that wishes to survive in the long run. The PMO Maturity Cube Model, defined by PMO Value Ring Methodology, provides a structured method to evaluate the maturity of the PMO, and identifies its level of maturity and how it will evolve from action plans.


  • Identify current and desired levels of PMO maturity.
  • Establish action plans for the evolution of maturity over the cycle.

Calculate PMO ROI

Verifying the contribution and viability

Calculating the ROI of a PMO is a huge challenge and it is no wonder that there are no specific and widely accepted models for this purpose. The PMO Value Ring Methodology offers the PMO ROI Tool Model that will help to provide a method to calculate the financial return of a PMO, considering the specific problems of each organization and the different configurations of existing PMOs.


  • Identify the potential financial benefit of the PMO.
  • Adapt the calculation to the specific problems of the organization.
  • Evaluate the alternatives to maximize the financial return of the PMO.

Monitor The PMO’s Strategic Performance

Monitoring and demonstrating value generation

The PMO Balanced Scorecard Model, established by the PMO Value Ring Methodology, provides PMO leaders with a structured suggestion for defining and monitoring the area strategically, in order to commonly demonstrate the PMO generated value to the success of the organization.


  • Establish performance indicators for the strategic control panel.
  • Set goals and objectives.
  • Report the results and follow the indicators.
  • Take corrective actions to ensure the value of the PMO.

Management Square have experience in helping organizations implement the PMO Value Ring Methodology and allow a continuous generation of value in the short, medium and long term.

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