Course Customization

Obviously a company’s training program can be successful only if it meets both the company’s business strategic objectives and professional development of its employees.

That is why we focus on understanding and identifying our clients learning objectives that will allow us, among others, to efficiently meet the training needs and satisfy the expected level of employees’ skills uphill.

Our training programs are structured in a manner to increase your employees’ knowledges, enhance their experiences and develop their skills in order to advance their personal and organizational performances.

Our Courses are designed in a modular way : each course consists of several modules that can be customized independently to each other to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our course customization approach consists of understanding the customer environment, and focusing on its specific learning expectations.

Our teams work closely with our clients to create course materials that adopt specific customer processes, their terminologies and specific case studies to a better understanding of the course by the participants.

Our steps are the following:

  • Listening to your organization to understand your training needs and identify learning objectives.
  • Understand the experiences, training wishes and priorities of your employees.
  • Apply our course customization approach to reach your specific objectives.
  • Align our training to meet your expectations and support your goals.
  • Provide Customized Course Training focused on your goals and your employees’ expectations, done by our trainers that combine both extensive experience in project management and an affirmed pedagogy. Our trainings are offered both in class and / or online.
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