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Program and Project Management Consulting | Business Consulting | Project Management Consulting - ITIL® Intermediate OSA - CAPM

Program and Project Management Consulting:

We have an array of program and project managers who possess leadership skills and exceptional talents for a successful high-geared management. We offer our skills and capabilities to ensure you managing strategic initiatives, resolving troubled projects or programs, and Supplementing resources when demand exceeds your capacity. All our consultants are project and / or program management certified, which prove their mastering of the international standards and best practices.

PMO Design, Deployment and Enhancement | Business Consulting - ITIL intermediate SD Training

PMO Design, Deployment and Enhancement:

Organizations are facing challenges to continue applying project management procedures, resource allocation, benefits management, and other business demands. They rely on Project Management Office (PMO) to respond to these demands all the while securing that the projects are delivered successfully. We work closely with clients to assist them in their PMO needs, such as PMO setup, PMO Alignment, PMO enhancement and continuous improvement.

Portfolio Management | Business Consulting

Portfolio Management:

In order to achieve business goals and strategic objectives, organizations need to adopt the portfolio management methodology that ensures the projects and programs are fully aligned to the organization strategy.

We can help you aligning the organization priorities, establishing and/or refining your portfolio governance policies, facilitation initiatives selection and prioritization, balancing recourses, facilitating decision making, and managing your portfolio performance.

Project Audit | Business Consulting

Project Audit:

Organizations are taking larger and complex projects to remain relevant and competitive in the business industry today. A successful project is difficult to achieve what with all the resources, cost, and schedule required for it to complete. Additionally, some projects take months—or even years to complete and they can reach a very high cost.

Our job is to provide you solutions to diminish the risks that can trigger a failure in your project.