How to Prepare for the PfMP® Exam ?

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How to Prepare for the PfMP® Exam ?

Preparing for any type of exam makes every person anxious. The number of sleepless nights of studying seems to float away into nothingness and by the time you sit for an exam, your mind is a total blank. You gawk at the first question and telling yourself you have studied this part and end up kicking yourself for forgetting it.


It’s fairly natural to have the jitters during this time and even studious individuals who study weeks or months before have their share of nervousness looming above them like a dark cloud. Anxiety during exams take in many forms: either you are anxious because you are losing confidence or you have little to no preparation at all. Your best bet? Gather that confidence and prepare effectively and efficiently for the exam.


This article will cover one of the PMI certification exams: The Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)® exam. Below are the information and frequently asked questions on how to prepare for the PfMP® exam.


Tips and Tricks on how to prepare for the PfMP® Exam


When it comes to preparing for the PfMP® exam, nothing beats ole good fashioned reading resources. The Project Management Institute (PMI) provides a handful of study materials that you can use during your PfMP® exam preparation.




The PfMP® Handbook from the PMI is your go-to review material for the PfMP® exam — it is chock full of information regarding the PfMP® certification. The handbook applies to both online and paper-based exams. Now you are armed and ready to take notes; opt for the PfMP® Exam Content Outline that contains the exam scoring outline and the five domains that each contain different tasks — namely the details of the PfMP® exam you are going to take.

The content outline doesn’t show the questions in the PfMP® exam, rather it will serve as your guide on what to expect once you sit down for the exam — and prevent jitters all over the place.


Then, you can also rely on The Standard of Portfolio Management for your PfMP® exam preparation. This book contains the latest practices and approaches in portfolio management. Want more resources? Then get yourself a PfMP® Examination Reference List to guide you on your PfMP® certification preparation and study journey. Take note that these references don’t guarantee your ticket in passing the PfMP® exam.


More, you say? If you want to amp up your Portfolio Management Professional exam review, why not attend training or seminars? Look for PMI chapters near your area or institutions that are Registered Education Providers (R.E.P) – recognized. You will also get the feeling of being back in a classroom, with the teacher, and a face to face interaction with fellow PfMP® aspirants.


You have now compiled all the needed study materials for your exam. Now to tackle the common burning questions on how to prepare for the PfMP® exam.


How to Prepare for the PfMP® Exam — Questions Everyone Seem to Ask


The questions below will help you how to prepare for the PfMP® exam, as well as alleviate the nagging thoughts in your head. If your questions are not on the list, you can always consult the PMI.


Question: How do I set a PfMP® exam appointment?

Answer: You need to submit the PfMP® Certification Application first. Once you have passed this part, the PMI will notify you via email of your schedule, along with a code. Do not lose this code because you will need this for your schedule. You can set a PfMP® exam appointment through the web or phone.


Question: Can I retake the PfMP® exam?

Answer: Absolutely! If you fail the first time, you can always take it again, within a year of your legibility period. You will need to rack up another fee in order to take the PfMP® exam again.


Question: My eligibility expires. Now what?

Answer: Remember that your legibility has a duration of one year. If that expires, you need to apply again.


Question: Any idea what the PfMP® exam is like?

Answer: The Portfolio Management Professional exam comprises of multiple choice questions. The PfMP® examination consists of 170 questions, and the allotted examination time is 4 hours.


Question: When will I take the PfMP® exam?

Answer: The Prometric Testing Centers are providers of all PMI certification exams.


Question: Is the PfMP® exam available in other languages?

Answer: As of now, the only language available for the PfMP® exam is in English. The multiple language features are being considered.


Question: I have a disability. Am I still legible for the PfMP® exam?

Answer: Yes. Handicap and people who have disabilities are given a special accommodation to make their Portfolio Management Professional exam session and environment more comfortable. This is free of charge, but you need to submit a request for such accommodation, as well as medical records or documents supporting your claim to PMI. You have to wait for the request to be approved before booking an exam schedule.



Don’t forget to check the requirements and updates in regards to PfMP® certification. Keep tabs on updates and announcements, which you will find on the PMI website. You might be studying hard for the exam, but that’s not an excuse to be misinformed. Kick that jitters in the curb and prepare for that exam.




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