IT Management Principles Exam

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IT Management Principles Exam



A concise introduction to IT and Information Management, this programme provides greater insight into the various methods of information management.

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Target Group:

This programme was developed for a wide target group, ranging from Young Professionals to professionals who wish to develop their skills in the field of IT management. ITMP offers important insights for IT managers and decision-makers involved in IT programmes and furthermore offers insight into process management for operational teams. No specific prior knowledge is required for ITMP. For organizations, Principles of IT Management serves to broaden the knowledge of employees, including that of non-IT people, leaving them better able to make a choice between the various tools available. The ITMP exam forms an excellent starting point for candidates wishing to further their professional development. It therefore presents plenty of opportunities for trainers.

IT Management Principles Exam

IT Management Principles Online Exam


ITMP is a programme of exploration at awareness level. It presents a short and intensive introduction to all of the standards, frameworks and best practices available within the various fields of IT Management.

With ITMP certification, young professionals are sure to make a sound start within IT management. The programme provides a thorough introduction for professionals who wish to develop their skills in this field.

A better understanding of information management and the various principles and models, contributes to increased IT-awareness within the organization.

ITMP is the result of the collaboration between ORSYP, EXIN, Van Haren Publishing and various independent experts. The Principles of IT Management training is a good way to prepare for one of the other EXIN exams.



IT Management Principles Exam Content:

Candidates are tested in this IT Management Principles Exam on 3 categories:

  •  IT Management and governance (15%).
  • Frameworks and models (65%).
  • Improvement approaches (20%).

IT Management Principles Exam Details:

Number of questions:20
Pass mark:65% (13 out of the 20
Open book/notes:no
Use of electronic devices permitted during the exam:no


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