M_o_R® Foundation Exam

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M_o_R® Foundation Exam



“The term ‘management of risk’ incorporates all the activities required to identify and control the exposure to risk which may have an impact on the achievement of an organization’s business objectives.” – from Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners.
Management of Risk® (or MoR®) inspects risks from strategic and operational view and within programs and projects.

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Target Group:

MoR® Foundation is suitable for any organization or individual seeing the need for guidance on a controlled approach to identification, assessment and control of risks. The Foundation qualification is aimed at:

  • Business Change Managers
  • Program and Project Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Business and Program and Project Support staff and managers
  • Operational staff and managers


MoR Foundation Exam

MoR Foundation Online Exam



Management of Risk (MoR®) offers a framework that contains all activities needed to identify, assess and prioritize any type of risk which may have an impact on the achievement of your organization’s objectives from different perspectives: strategic, project, program and operational.

It provides advice on how the principles, approach and processes should be embedded, reviewed and applied. Guidance, recommended approaches and checklists are offered, but also pointers towards tools and techniques.

Topics such as Business Continuity Management, Security, Program/Project Risk Management and Operational Service Management are included.

The MoR® Foundation certification is the prerequisite for the MoR® Practitioner certification.



MoR Foundation Exam Content:

  • Know the facts, terms, concepts and relationships between the four elements of the
  • Management of Risk® framework (principles, approach, processes and embedding and reviewing)
  • Understand how the Management of Risk® principles, approach, and processes are used
  • Be able to identify the Management of Risk® framework documents and understand their uses and differences

MoR Foundation Exam Details:

Exam duration:60 minutes
Number of questions:75 (of which 5 questions are non-scoring, trial questions)
Pass mark:50% (35 out of 70)
Open book:No
Electronic devices permitted:No


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