EXIN® Cloud Computing Foundation

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EXIN® Cloud Computing Foundation



The EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation certification provides you, clearly and concisely, the basics of Cloud Computing. EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation is unavoidable a tiny bit technical, however emphasizes the characteristics, (dis)advantages, and general management aspects of Cloud Computing.

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Target Group:

EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation is for everyone playing a role or having an interest in the use and management of internet based services. Specific roles that would benefit are:

  • Management Positions (Commercial, IT, Procurement, Finance, etc.).
  • IT Professionals (Administrators, Service Managers).
  • Staff of Service Providers.
Cloud Computing Foundation Exam

Cloud Computing Foundation Online Exam


Cloud Computing ties in well with other EXIN examination programs, such as IT Service Management and Information Security. The  EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation certification  has been created in close collaboration with industry and trade organizations.


  • Learn the basics.
  • Vendor neutral.
  • Independent global validation of Cloud Computing knowledge.

EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation is part of the Certified Integrator program and is one of the prerequisites to attain the certification: EXIN Certified Integrator Secure Cloud Services.



Cloud Computing Foundation Exam Content:

Candidates are tested on five categories:

  • The principles of Cloud Computing. This chapter deals with definitions, types of clouds (Public, Private and Hybrid) and cloud services (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS);
  • Using the Cloud. This part is about accessing the cloud and mobility in the cloud ;
  • Security and Compliance. Is about the risks of cloud computing and the measures you can take;
  • Implementing and managing Cloud Computing. You learn about local cloud networks and how to support the use of cloud computing,
  • Evaluation of Cloud Computing. Examples of the subjects here are cost aspects, (dis)advantages and SLA’s.

Cloud Computing Foundation Exam Details:

  • Number of questions: 40
  • Pass mark: 65% (26 out of 40)
  • Open book/notes: no
  • Electronic equipment permitted: no



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