MoV® Practitioner Exam

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MoV® Practitioner Exam



Management of Value® Practitioner (or MoV® Practitioner) is the follow-up on Management of Value® Foundation and is part of the het Best Management Practice Portfolio.

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Target Group:

The MoV® Qualification is intended for:

  • Management and staff in an organization wishing to acquire an understanding of MoV®.
  • Those involved in directing, managing, supporting and delivering portfolios, programs and projects. This includes:
    • Senior Management;
    • Program Managers;
    • Project Managers;
    • Change Managers;
    • Project and Program Office staff and their sponsors.


MoV Practitioner Exam

MoV Practitioner Online Exam


Management of Value® provides a systematic method to define what value means for organizations, and to communicate it clearly to maximize value across portfolios, programs, projects and operations.

It reflects the organization’s strategic objectives on portfolio level and sets the agenda for the program that delivers these objectives which, in turn, define the projects undertaken to achieve the required outputs.


Management of Value® Foundation Certification.

MoV Practitioner Exam Content:

  • Identify situations in which it is relevant to apply Management of Value® principles, processes and techniques; advocate appropriately to Senior Management the benefits of this application.
  • Develop a plan of appropriate Management of Value® activities for the whole lifecycle of small and large projects and programs.
  • Plan a Management of Value® study, tailoring it to particular projects or program and developing practical study or workshop handbooks as required.
  • Understand and articulate value in relation to organizational objectives.
  • Prioritize value drivers using Function Analysis and use these to demonstrate how value might be improved.

MoV Practitioner Exam Details

Exam duration:150 minutes
Number of questions:80
Pass mark:50% (40 out of 80)
Open book:MoV® Guide only
Electronic devices permitted:No



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