MoP® Practitioner Exam

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MoP® Practitioner Exam



Management of Portfolios® provides an overview of portfolio management, the principles upon which it is based, some of the techniques used, and how you can get started and sustain progress. It advices on and shows examples of how to apply principles, practices, and techniques that help optimize an organization´s investment in change.

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Target Group:

Management of Portfolios® Practitioner is relevant to all those involved in the selection and delivery of business change initiatives including:

  • Members of Management Boards and Directors of Change;
  • Senior Responsible Owners (SROs);
  • Portfolio, program, project, business change and benefits managers;
  • Business case writers and project appraisers.


MoP Practitioner Exam

MoP Practitioner Online Exam


The Management of Portfolios (MoP®) guidance has been developed to provide senior executives and decision makers with an overview of portfolio management, the principles upon which it is based, some of the techniques used, and how to get started and sustain progress.

The Management of Portfolios describes, in the portfolio definition cycle, how to identify the right programmes and projects to deliver and, in the portfolio delivery cycle, how to make sure they continue to meet  the organisation’s strategic needs and provide the benefits they promised.

It provides the valuable insights for managers charged with delivering their organisation’s change initiatives, as well as practical guidance for those who have the task of day-to-day management of the portfolio of work.

Management of Portfolios® Practitioner is the follow-up on the Management of Portfolios® Foundation and part of the Best Management Practice Portfolio.


Management of Portfolios® Foundation.

MoP Practitioner Exam Content:

  • Define the business case to get senior management approval for portfolio management;
  • Plan the implementation of portfolio management;
  • Select and adapt Management of Portfolios® principles, practices and techniques to suit different organizational environments;
  • Evaluate examples of Management of Portfolios® information (including documents and role descriptions);
  • Analyze the solutions adopted in relation to a given scenario.

MoP Practitioner Exam Details:

Number of questions:80
Pass mark:50% (40 out of 80)
Open book:MoP® Guide only
Electronic devices permitted:No


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