TMap NEXT® Test Manager Exam

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TMap NEXT® Test Manager Exam



This Test Management Approach or TMap NEXT Test Manager exam is for testers who want to adopt a structured approach to their work. The benefit of qualified testers to organizations and individuals is that the structured approach leads to a more efficient testing process.

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Target Group:

The TMap NEXT® Test Manager exam is primarily intended for people that are involved in test management activities on a daily basis. Prior knowledge at the level of TMap NEXT® Test Engineer is recommended.

TMap NEXT Test Manager Exam

TMap NEXT Test Manager Online Exam


TMap NEXT® (an abbreviation of Test Management Approach) is a leading standard in the field of testing. TMap NEXT® was developed by Sogeti and is widely applied as a framework for structured testing. By using it, organizations increase their control over the test process.

TMap also describes a structured test process, from planning to completion. Test engineers and test masters have a complete toolbox for technology, infrastructure and organization. TMap can be applied in all situations and in combination with any development method. TMap  has grown to become the standard for structured software testing.


The training TMap NEXT® Test Manager with an EXIN accredited training provider.

TMap NEXT Test Manager Exam Content:

Candidates are tested in this TMap NEXT Test Manager Exam on the following subjects:

  1. Master test plan; managing the total test process.
  2. Acceptance and system tests.
  3. Development tests.
  4. Supporting processes.

TMap NEXT Test Manager Exam Details:

Number of questions:40
Pass mark:65% (26 of 40)
Open book/notes:no
Electronic equipment permitted:no


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