Special Features of PRINCE2® Methodology and How to Implement it

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Special Features of PRINCE2® Methodology and How to Implement it

PRINCE2® Methodology :

All organizations need to cope with the rapid changes that happen in the business world. The ability to survive is one of the needed skills to ensure success in the race.Technological advancement, globalization, economy fluctuations contribute to the fear of the business all around the world: the fear of losing the game.


Organizations need to continually adapt new strategies and methodologies to make sure that they will not struggle. Getting the best, quickest, and most effective methodologies become so popular due to this kind of situation. Companies invest lots of money to these methodologies to ensure maintenance of their service, good reputation, increasing profits and the ability to stay ahead among other competitors.


With this concept, the organizations need change management programs in place which are led by skilled and experienced people more specifically with project managers who can assess and identify changes within the business and implement measures to take full control of them. Having a system consisting of controlled and consistent structure must be the common goal of every organization. Organization would need to set up management program to enable the business to control every aspect of the business as changes occur. This can help the business to success and with the project managers who are capable of devising new strategies will also help minimize the risks, and maximizing success.


In this method, the project managers who are skilled and knowledgeable in PRINCE2® methodology will help the business to succeed because of putting up systems based on solid information and training. The project managers who are PRINCE2® certified, will lead the change management program to control the processes, organize them, and thrive through changes. PRINCE2® methodology will help the management to focus on business justification, a defined organization project structure, and emphasis on separating project into controllable stages.  It gives the companies consistent and well trained leaders who are equipped in controlled leadership which is vital to success in managing the business processes.


Organizational changes occur especially when the structures and rigor of the conventional project management methodologies and techniques are outdated and normally misunderstood by employees. The methodologies that will be implemented must be providing links which are required to attain practical and sustainable outcomes.


PRINCE2® methodology has known for its project management standards and had been widely used as well by both private and public sectors.  This will be effectively applied in task delegation and individual accountability by knowing its basic principles:

It promotes individual accountability on accomplishing a project and letting the people have a clear understanding on what to do when changes occur; Authority must be assumed and must be justified in order to promote harmony in the workplace; Trust must be clearly observed by letting the people do their tasks independently and this trust must be highly maintained.


PRINCE2® methodology governs themes which are essential in decision making. These themes guide the project manager in coming up with solutions. This does not focus entirely on the meetings, reports and logs. These also provide parameters by which the ongoing accountability is justified.


  • PRINCE2® has Business Case. A business case controls all the decision makings in the project. It gives justification on the investment made and may also bring organizational change to contribute to the achievement of the goals. A business case may be done qualitatively or quantitatively.
  • Quality matters. PRINCE2® methodology gives focus on ensuring that the outcome fits the desired goals and needs of the customer. The wants and needs are given through feedback and these are done without compromising the standards set. It provides changes for the improvement of the product and services.
  • It is organized. PRINCE2® promotes an organized environment. This methodology makes sure that all the stakeholders are listened to and their needs are attended to. The delivery team understands what they should be delivering.
  • Risks are evaluated and monitored in this methodology. Risk forces the organization to take a shift and constantly check the possible outcomes.
  • Plans are made. Plans are made to guide the stakeholders on what they should expect at the end of the project. Plans give mechanism to inform and consult the business on the route to sustainable organizational change.
  • Change provides controls. Sometimes there is a need of trade off and compromising some of the aspect of the business process. This provides escalation of stages and extension of parameters in some situations.
  • PRINCE2® observes progress. Stakeholders are update and informed about the changes and new rules. 


PRINCE2® Methodology :

PRINCE2® Methodology


While changes are difficult to manage, having highly trained people in the workforce will totally make a difference. Changes in the workforce would be beneficial to the company as well. Helping them to get out of their comfort zones will enable them to discover their full potentials and making them to function even better. Trying to force people without you trying to explain it to them will make them work just for the sake of working, but the desire to finish it and do it right will lead the whole business into failure.