PMP® Certification Salary : How Much It Cost to be a PMP® Certified?

PMP® Certification Salary

PMP® Certification Salary : How Much It Cost to be a PMP® Certified?

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), project management is considered the most sought-after career in the IT world. Hence, more and more employees are looking for ways to boost their career and that is in the form of PMP® certification. Each of these individuals has their own reasons but the PMP® certification salary is what drives them the most to acquire a PMP® certification.

PMP® Certification Salary — The Will to Be Certified

In the world of Information Technology, project management is probably a less glamorous job since there are other career options to choose from—software development, technical analysis, and technical security. Regardless, project management is still a credible job and it’s not yet the end of the world for someone to be working in this field.

The demand for project and program managers have increased, which also means organizations digging for more ways to lure potential applicants with benefits, tempting salary, and other employee perks. In the case of salary, organizations ranked in the salary when it comes to an employee who has obtained a PMP® certification and earns a salary from $113,000 to $120,000. In other words, PMP®-certified employees have a salary that is ten times higher than those who don’t have the PMP® certification.

On the other hand, the years of experience still determine the salary of an employee with a PMP® certification. Even with the certification under their belt, the years of experience in project management seem to matter for some organizations.

Industries that have a higher salary rate in project management are engineering, aerospace, consulting, and natural resources. According to the survey by PMI, IT falls in the seventh post.

PMP® Certification Salary — A Comprehensive Look 

In the project management industry, Project Management Office (PMO) ranks the highest in the salary rate with a total of median salary of $127,000, which is followed by

The Portfolio Manager. Program and Project managers, Project Management Specialist, and Consultant fall in almost the same spectrum with the median salary running from over $100,000 to $130,000.

The PMP® certification salary in terms of base salary in project management, if broken down by the average budget size of the projects they have worked or lead on, has a different set of data. Depending on the budget, the base salary is subjected to change; as in the case, if a project has a budget of less than $100,000, the median salary is $88,000 reporting in 10%.

The business industry is always seeking individuals who have credible certificates under their belt and these organizations are more than willing to provide a salary based on the skills, experience, and certification. The PMP® certification and its attached benefits are one of the prime examples that both organizations and job applicants are securing their career for more opportunities.



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