Why Being PMP® Certified Adds Value To Your Profile?

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Why Being PMP® Certified Adds Value To Your Profile?

Education and experience are now becoming the basic benchmarks for attaining career advancements. This is why aside from obtaining further education, many professionals are now looking at taking certifications to gain more advantage in seeking employments and greater opportunities.


Yet with a lot of certifications and credentials emerging nowadays, it is easy to get confused in deciding which ones are essential and are actually worth pursuing.


For project managers, the PMP® or Project Management Professional certification is recognized across the world. It validates a project manager’s skills and experience in leading and implementing projects. Being PMP® certified exposes you to a big network of project management professionals where you can gain fresh ideas on project management techniques, best practices and current trends.


But does PMP® really add value to your profile? Why do you need to invest your time and effort in taking the PMP® certification?


While there is no definite correlation between being PMP® certified and being able to successfully manage projects, companies value PMP® certification as a basis in showcasing a project manager’s ability to observe strictly defined processes in project implementation which is a very valuable skill in any workplace.


With a lot of new graduates joining the workforce, competition is really tough in the field of project management. Employers are likewise becoming more and more critical in choosing the right candidate. A PMP® certification is the one credential that will surely make your resume attractive to these employers. In fact, many recruiters now include PMP® in the elimination process of their applicants.


Moreover, in order to pass the PMP® exam, you need to have an in depth knowledge of the rules and processes set in the PMBoK® Guide (Project Management Book of Knowledge). This is another good reason why PMP® certification can pump up your profile, PMP® certification is an indication of a solid foundation in project management. It signifies you have sufficient knowledge in the five major process groups in project management which are – Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling and Closing the project. In relation to this, it has identified that project managers without PMP® certifications are more likely to submit delayed projects which are also oftentimes over the budget.


PMP® certification can make a huge difference especially if you are in cities where project management is highly sought after. This is where being PMP® certified is really valuable. It helps you to stand out among many other project managers.


Indeed in so many ways, PMP® certification increases your career opportunities and enhances your project management skills. So if you are seeking for professional advancement in your project management career, taking the PMP® exam might be worth your investment of time and effort. It certainly adds value to your profile as a project manager.


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