ITIL® Intermediate Release, Control and Validation

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ITIL® Intermediate Release, Control and Validation



An important aspect of IT Service Management is the new release cycle. The control and validation of (new) services also requires consideration. Following this module helps IT professionals to further their knowledge about implementing new services in an IT organization.

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Target Group:

You are an IT professional, business manager or business process owner and form part of the operational staff in your organization. You wish to know more about releases, control and validation processes within Service Management and how to apply this knowledge. In your role you make a direct or indirect contribution towards higher levels of IT Service Management.


ITIL Intermediate RCV Exam

ITIL Intermediate RCV Online Exam


The ITIL® Intermediate RCV certificate provides a deeper understanding of  releases, control and validation of services. The certificate is suited to a practical role in which you require specific skills for Service Management. You are able to handle requests and you evaluate and support the decision making process. You guarantee quality in the event of changes to and transitions in services.

Prerequisites of the ITIL Intermediate RCV Exam:

-The ITIL® Foundation certificate in IT Service Management (Or the Foundation certificate in IT Service Management (based on ITIL®) (version 2)  in combination with the ITIL®Foundation bridge certificate).

-An accredited training by an accredited training provider

ITIL Intermediate RCV Exam Content:

The candidates’ competencies that will be tested in this ITIL Intermediate RCV exam are:

  • The importance of service management as a practice concept and service transition principles, purpose and objective.
  • The importance of ITIL® release, control and validation while providing service.
  • How all processes in ITIL® release, control and validation interact with other service lifecycle processes.
  • What are the processes, activities, methods and functions used in each of the ITIL release, control and validation processes.
  • How to use the ITIL® release, control and validation processes, activities and functions to achieve operational excellence.
  • How to measure ITIL® release, control and validation.
  • The importance of IT security and its contributions to ITIL release, control and validation.
  • The technology and implementation considerations surrounding ITIL release, control and validation.
  • Change management as a capability to realize successful service transition.
  • Service validation and testing as a capability to ensure the integrity and the quality of service transition.
  • Service asset and configuration management as  a capability to monitor the state of service transition.
  • Knowledge management as part of enhancing the on-going management decision support and service delivery capability.
  • Request fulfilment and change evaluation to ensure meeting committed service level performance.
  • Release, control and validation process roles and responsibilities.
  • Technology and implementation considerations.
  • Challenges, critical success factors and risks associated with ITIL® release, control and validation.

ITIL Intermediate RCV Exam Details:

  • Number of Questions: 8
  • Pass mark: 70%
  • Open book: No
  • Electronic equipment allowed: No



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