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COBIT ® 5 Foundation

The COBIT ® 5 Foundation course is meant for IT professionals seeking knowledge and understanding of the governance and management of enterprise IT. It is the only business framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT. The COBIT ® 5 Foundation course includes 6 lessons that provide knowledge of the 5 principles and 7 enablers that form the basis of the COBIT ® 5 business framework of governance and management of enterprise IT. Additionally, there are real-life scenarios and quizzes that provide relevance to the content.

On completing the COBIT ® 5 Foundation course, you can:

  • Demonstrate your learning and understanding by taking up the COBIT ® 5 Foundation exam and earning a certificate of completion
  • Understand the IT management issues in your organization/enterprise and know how to use COBIT ® to respond to those challenges
  • Put into practice the knowledge from COBIT ® 5 framework, and recommend applications of COBIT ® for enterprise-wide projects
  • Take up advanced COBIT ® 5 courses and their exams like the following:
  • COBIT ® 5 Implementation to master the approach to implement the governance of enterprise IT based on a continual improvement lifecycle and
  • COBIT ® 5 Assessment to master the understanding of how to perform a formal process capability assessment.

Key Features :

  • 10 hours of High Quality video e-learning content
  • 48 Chapter-end Quizzes
  • Question bank of 200 questions (4 sets of 50 Qs each)
  • Glossary
  • Course Completion Certificate

  • 6 lessons
  • 10+ Real life examples
  • 1 sample test paper of 50 questions from APMG
  • COBIT 5 e-book
  • Exam Fee Included

Course Structure :

Lesson 0 - Introduction to COBIT® 5

Lesson 1.0 - Overview and Key Features of COBIT® 5

Lesson 1.1 - COBIT® 5 and Other IT Governance Frameworks

Lesson 2.0 - Overview of COBIT® 5 Principles and Principle 1

Lesson 2.1 - COBIT® 5 Principles 2 and 3

Lesson 2.2 - COBIT® 5 Principles 4 and 5

Lesson 3.0 - Overview of COBIT® 5 Enablers Enabler 1

Lesson 3.1 - COBIT® 5 Enabler 2

Lesson 3.2 - COBIT® 5 Enablers 3 and 4

Lesson 3.3 - COBIT® 5 Enabler 5

Lesson 3.4 - COBIT® 5 Enablers 6 and 7

Lesson 4.0 - Introduction to COBIT® 5 Implementation

Lesson 4.1 - COBIT® 5 Implementation Phases

Lesson 5.0 - Process Capability Assessment Model

Lesson 5.1 - Process Attributes and Process Capability Levels

Learning Objectives :

At the end of the COBIT® 5 Foundation course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the need for an effective framework to govern and manage enterprise IT – Learn value creation for enterprises
  • Relate to the COBIT® framework concepts and understand its use with other standards and best practices – Understand the five principles and seven enablers along with the importance of good practices for better governance and management
  • Understand better the IT management issues that are affecting organizations—learn about pain points and trigger events that organizations experience
  • Know better about the functions that COBIT® provides and the benefits of using COBIT®—know about the various Governance and Management Processes and the Process Reference Model
  • Implement or Apply COBIT® in practical situations for issues that generally occur in enterprises—Understand the concepts of process capability assessments and how various processes may be improved though the Seven-stage Lifecycle approach

Target Audience :

IT Professionals such as IT auditors, IT managers, IT quality professionals, IT leaders, IT developers, process practitioners and managers in IT service-providing firms (or IT serviceproviding departments of any firm) will find this course suitable for advancing their career.

Exam Format :

How do I become a Certified in COBIT® 5 Foundation Course?

What qualifications do you need?

FAQs :

What the allocation is of questions in the COBIT® 5 Foundation examination?

What happens after passing the exam?

Where does one get the application for certification renewal?

Course Duration

30 Days
609 €
10 hours of High Quality video e-learning content
1 Sample Test Paper of 50 Questions from APMG
4 Simulation Exams (4 sets of 50 Qs each)
Exam Fee Included
30 Access Days

Course Duration

180 Days
729 €
10 hours of High Quality video e-learning content
1 Sample Test Paper of 50 Questions from APMG
4 Simulation Exams (4 sets of 50 Qs each)
Exam Fee Included
180 Access Days

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