IT Service Management is the discipline of managing and controlling information technology systems.


There are various IT Service Management certification courses that support different process frameworks of IT services, ITIL® Certification being the most demanded one.


We offer IT Service Management training course for different certification programs including the most popular ITIL® Certification and ITSM® Certification.

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MANAGEMENT SQUARE is an EXIN Accredited Training Organization.

 MANAGEMENT SQUARE offers the following IT Service Management trainings :

ITIL® Foundation

The ITIL® Foundation course is an ideal course package for every aspiring professional who wants to make their career in IT Service Management sector.

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ITIL® Intermediate SO

The ITIL® Intermediate SO certification is aimed at the professionals involved in management of Service Operations.

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ITIL® Intermediate ST

The ITIL® Service Transition module is one of the qualifications within the ITIL® Service Lifecycle category of the ITIL® Intermediate level.

ITIL Intermediate ST | Management Square

ITIL® Intermediate SS

The ITIL® Intermediate SS module focuses on the importance of the service strategy within the IT service lifecycle.

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ITIL® Intermediate OSA

ITIL® Intermediate OSA module is an ITIL® certification focused on planning, implementation and optimization of OSA processes.

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ITIL® Intermediate SD

The ITIL® Intermediate Service Design module focuses on the design of IT services, covering the architectures, processes, policies and documentation.

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ITIL® Intermediate CSI

The purpose of this ITIL® Intermediate CSI module is to impart the knowledge on industry practices in service management.

ITIL Intermediate CSI | Management Square

ITIL® Intermediate RCV

The ITIL® Intermediate RCV is intended to enable participants to apply RCV for successful planning, testing and implementation of new services.

ITIL Intermediate RCV | Management Square

ITIL® Intermediate SOA

The ITIL® Intermediate SOA module covers principles and processes to create and manage service offering based on business requirements.

ITIL Intermediate SOA | Management Square

ITIL® Intermediate PPO

The ITIL® Certificate in Planning, Protection and Optimization is intended to enable participants to apply PPO practices during the service management lifecycle

ITIL Intermediate PPO | Management Square


This course helps in understanding the management aspects of the Service Lifecycle and thus, leads to ITIL® Expert in IT Service Management.

ITIL MALC | Management Square


The ITSM® certification training focuses on the management of the IT services like planning, delivery and support to improve customer service.

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COBIT®5 Foundation

The COBIT® 5 Foundation course is meant for IT professionals seeking knowledge and understanding of the governance and management of enterprise IT.

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